hex There is a fine line between a good point and click game and a bad one. Most of the better ones are comedic and lets be honest, a bit silly. Monkey island proved that fact very early on.


You see its not the game play that keeps you involved its the characters. They have to be genuinely funny. So as you can imagine a while back when I heard about ‘Ben  There Dan that’ an indie game with no voice acting that was supposed to be an example of point and click adventure done right i ignored it. I realise that ignoring a game because you think its probably not going to be funny enough is an unusual reason but with the lack of attention the game was receiving from the gaming population i never really came across a reason to rethink it.

Ben There Dan That 2

Yesterdays Steam ‘Daily Deal’ was ‘Ben there Dan that’ (free from the website if your interested) and the sequel ‘Time Gentlemen please’ for 75p and as we all know, i am a big fan of a cheap game. I have a personal rule that a game should give me a return of one hours enjoyment for every £ i spend, so at 75p it only had to entertain me for a little over half an hour to be a wise investment.


I spent three hours this morning playing the game. it had me genuinely laughing out loud in places and i maintained a constant smile at the two characters dead-pan humour.

The game is not without its faults, it crashed at least three times before it eventually loaded and the lack of any real audio work (very few sound effects and no voice acting) made it feel especially retro but the script is so great with some wonderful one liners that i can forgive almost anything it does wrong. the puzzle moments are mostly easy (very easy in dead) and the game is almost no challenge for any adventure game veteran but what it lacks in head scratching moments it gains in pure entertainment.

Even when this game goes back to full price its well worth an investment. As i said the package on steam gives you the first game (available for free from the website) and the second game.


‘Time gentlemen please’ continues on from the first game nicely (with a great TV show style recap of the first one for anyone who wanted to skip it…  but don’t) and has a slight graphical improvement, nothing that sets it ahead of the first one in terms of script though. It is a little bit more challenging and maintains the tone nicely. I have not finished it yet as I accidentally clicked the close button (the game runs in a window by default) to later realise there is no auto save function (AGH!) but plan on getting back to it later in the week.

This is to me at least one game split over two episodes and should be played as such. don’t let the lack of voice acting put you off from a really good story and wonderfully realised characters with strange sometimes adult humour that will entertain from start to finish.

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