hex Project Zomboid has hit my twitter feed harder than a truck full of dice at a D&D convention. However I have up until now ignored it because to be honest I was not sure what everyone was going on about.

Last night I found myself on the games home page (due to a tweet from @Notch pleading for people not to pirate it) I downloaded the demo, there was no install program or instruction on what to do with it so i just launched the executable file.


Project Zomboid reminds me of  the old X Com game (UFO, enemy unknown) with its isometric levels and real world lighting, however it feels very modern and very well thought out in its design.


The premise of the game is that you have to help your lady friend and yourself survive the currently happening zombie apocalypse, here is the thing though, you don’t have super powers, immunity, a series of pre built safe houses, three buddies or a rocket launcher. you have everything a real person would have including the need to eat and sleep as well as the effects of fear.

It strikes me as being a word of love by people who genuinley understand what is appealing about the Zombie subculture of horror and suspense this is apparent in the music that is haunting and the dialogue is both moving and deep.

The core of the game is a constant drive to fulfil real world needs such as eating and sleeping while still perusing a more secure ‘safe house’ by means of barricading doors and arming yourself to better cope with the problems you face. clicking the button to sleep is quite a fear filled event as well as the moment you need to venture out the house to get some feed from the zombie neighbours house, the neighbour who is between you and the food faces a swift hammer on route but its all very tense.


i urge you to try this game even if you don’t like it enough to buy it its a really interesting work as both a game and as art. i for one wish that more games would take the approach of story and emotion over shiny graphics.

Project Zomboid’s Home page is and the game is available for a modest £5 however the download is currently offline due to those very naughty pirates who will no doubt be first on the flames when i get voted as president of the universe (is 5 beans, why on earth would you pirate it?)