hex I have sat down to write about the news regarding TF2 becoming a free to play title to find that my good friend and fellow blogger Mr Fish (hangman) has already written that post So felling quite redundant I would like to tell you some other things about Team Fortress 2

TF2 was originally released on October 9th as a part of Valves orange box. It was considered to be ‘the multiplayer component’ of the package.

TF2 was well received on both PC and console. The game was well supported by valve on PC but the console version release little attention making it something of a ‘flash in the pan’ and quickly faded in popularity on that platform.

The PC version has been patched and expanded upon many times and still plays like a modern shooter barely showing its age and still looking great.

There was even rumours of the game becoming a more Persistent-world style shooter and clues in patch files of an RPG mode. None of this ever actually happened but knowing Valves methods it may have been a test to see the response/interest levels without announcing anything and may even still be something they are considering.

team-fortress-2-gameplayThe MANN CO item shop was added slowly to the game and for the most part ‘snuck up’ on gamers as components of the service where added piece by piece until the current store was officially opened.

The game is now free. The good news is that if you already own it NOTHING is going to change for you (you may get a free hat). So, don’t panic. No one stole you game. This is not an NGE or LotRO F2P style upheaval of an event, its just a FPS that you don’t have to pay for  now.

There will be a slightly (and i do mean slightly) cut down experience for free players with the inability to trade and craft as freely. The below image explains it all better than i can.


If you have not played TF2 then now is a great time to get in on the action. its a quality competitive team based shooter, in fact its one of the best ever made.

If you have skipped it because your an MMO player (like many visitors to my blog) then you should try it now, it is free after all. In my experience the games diverse class system means that it has something to offer most gamers and the lack of any penalty for death means that you can keep playing until you get better without feeling frustrated.

Try the game. it really is VERY good.