fish[2]Seeing as how there seems to have been plenty of discussion of money on Quest Hard lately, I thought it might be time to talk about advertising. This was brought to mind when I saw reports that apparently they are going to integrate Microsoft’s Kinect to adverts on the Xbox. The basic upshot being that with a literal way of a hand you could get more info on the product being advertised,  or even twitter your “enjoyment” of the advert.

Now I don’t own a Xbox but it did get me wondering about in game advertising. I seem to recall that only a few years ago that there was barely a game being published without some form of sponsorship. I remember clearly a Splinter Cell game that started with a FMV of Sam Fisher clearing his sinuses with a refreshing Wrigley’s Airwaves.

Wow it is fairly shameless

As another blogger recently pointed out games generally are a single price point product, so it has surprised me that in game advertising seems to have died off. With it pretty much just existing in sports games now (I assume, I am a geek and Coca Ads Fail and Wintherefore don’t “do” sports in any capacity). Please don’t misunderstand me I have zero desire for in game adverts, the thought of running past a Coca-Cola billboard in a Battlefield game makes me shudder.

It just struck me as odd that now a lot of mainstream games are trying to squeeze you for every penny with DLC and premium services (yes I am looking art you Call of Duty), that they would seemingly pass up potentially a lot of money. Lets take Call of Duty as an example, because, well,  Activison seem to have no issue exploiting their fan base. I would guess that right now there are probably at least a couple of million people playing some form of multiplayer COD. Now that is a hell of a captive audience, and has got to be worth thousands and thousands I’m advertising.
Well just food for thought. Oh and if, in the unlikely even some video games executive is reading this.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. This is not a thing that any gamer want, needs or desires. It breaks immersion and ruins any  game.