hex My daughter today asked if i had any games she could play. I didn’t, She had already become board of Wizards 101 (its pretty repetitive really) and was uninterested in Fusion Fall. Hope was lost until I remembered a Free Realms account I set up at launch.

I logged into the account to be greeted with a reasonable sized update (about 80mb) My daughter was excited to start playing the game, the colour splashed website had gotten her pretty mesmerised before she had even seen the game.

The first question was regarding why she could not have a new character. This was because only members can have more than one character but as i was a beta tester the site was very anxious that i not delete a founding character as it had some advantages (not really sure what, it was TL so I DR) I assume I am able to level it higher without membership.

WelcomeScreen_smWhen the game was launched one of my main gripes was that there was no direct access to the actual mini games and the only way to experience them was to locate them in the would, this felt forced. This had been addressed however as there is now a welcome screen that allows you to choose a game directly.once in the game you can click a little controller icon to see a list at any time. Well played Sony, well played.

My daughter loved playing Draughts (oddly) and messing around in the games ‘parks’ that consist mostly of trampoline style devised and strange yellow boxes to jump off. she also enjoyed the tower defence games and cooking games.

The game is literally packed with very entertaining little games and enjoyable tasks as well as quests (that my daughter totally ignored) after she had experienced the game for about an hour (split over two little game sessions) the constant ‘you need to be a member to do this’ screen wore me down. i could see her getting allot of enjoyment out of the game so i investigated payment options.

To my utter and total shock the prices for membership are VERY reasonable frlifetimeindeed, Starting from about £3 a month for a single month subscription and topping out at £22 for a lifetime subscription. with my daughters new found love of the game and my already established love of silly little mini games i dropped for the lifetime subscription (costing me no more than my current recurring three monthly LotRO subscription) now i am able to keep my rather awesome toon as well as allowing my daughter to have her own little fairy type thing to play with.

All in all SOE shocked me with what has become a really great game for any age group as well as a very reasonably priced one (you just don’t expect that any more). Lets just hope they can keep hold of my credit card number and not just hand it over to anyone who was a fan of that movie ‘Hackers’