fish[2]It is with amusement and a little confusion that I have been following the events regarding California versus video games supreme court ruling. Now from what can gather the senators and representatives from California are trying to make it illegal to sell games with adult content, violence, swearing and all the usual suspects, to children.

Now understandably there was a big uproar from the gaming community, as they want every child to have the opportunity to play as many violent video games as they want. Hang on I have just read that sentence back, and while it is true (as far as my understanding of American law goes) it is probably the stupidest sentence I have ever written. Now I know that freedom of speech is a highly protected concept in America, but there is a huge difference between banning a game like Bulletstorm (violent and sweary), and ensuring 4 and 5 Bulletstorm_Screen_4year olds are playing it.

Freedom of speech  is an amazing thing and i would never want it to be restricted, however taking reasonable precautions to prevent the more extreme content, of any kind of media, being seen by kids just seems sensible to me. Here in good old blighty we have been using a system of rating that makes it an illegal act to sell adult content to minors, and you know it, for the most part, bbfc-18-jan82009-cg-main99999works absolutely fine.

It is very rare that a game or film, both are rated by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is banned, even when some of the mainstream press call for it, such as in the case of the manhunt games. Now I guess that part of the concern that the Americans have is that the video games are rated in, at best, a unfair way, and at worst in a way that only My Little Pony Adventures or similar pass without restriction. I get that, but all I am saying is that there has to be a middle ground that suits both sides both sides, after all it works in the UK.