hex%2520%255B2%255DRecently after downsizing my desk I have had to find a smaller mouse mat, my Razer Mantis mat was far too large. so after a trip to my favorite online retailer (Amazon UK) I ordered the only smaller gaming surface I could find, the steel series QcK mini.

This mouse mat is little thinner than I expected and arrived in a tubular package (manufacturers packaging, nothing sinister) that opened easy but did leave the mat with a slight ripple, this faded in a few days and its now gloriously flat.

The surface is nothing spectacular to look at (but I did buy the plain black version) with a small white ‘steel series’ logo in the corner. The printed logo is a thick rubber print with a texture but is so far in the corner of the mat that its not an issue at all and does look quite striking on an otherwise plain surface.

the mat is a ‘regular’ sized mouse surface the size that you see in most stores but what sets it apart is not size or looks its the perfect tracking that it offers all the time. This mat is one of the smoothest surfaces I have ever games on. As some one who usually games at about 3000DPI I don’t need a large mat as I am making tiny movements that mean I rarely need to reposition my mouse.

for very little money (about £5) this is the best budget mouse mat that you can have. After using this mat when I eventually get a larger desk I may shop for a more traditional gamer-sized pad but I can guarantee that ill be buying another ‘steel series’ product. 

Amazon UK link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000UEZ37G/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title