fish[2]I am right now watching the movie source code, whilst writing this blog on my tab. Now it is a great film, interesting, exciting and well acted. So why I am I currently writing this blog, and not watching this great movie.

Well I have a theory about this, and I essentially think that it is games fault. This happens with pretty much all television and movies, to the point that I often play games, and just listen to the television.

I have found that with the lack of interactivity means that at best I end up at best half puzzlequest2watching things, or just drift off uninterested. Even the most basic of game mechanics, say in something like puzzle quest, are enough to keep me focus on a game. I still go to the cinema sometimes, but only for films I am really excited, plus the advantage of a cinema is that it has none of the usual distractions, such as my pc and this tab.

Now I am sure as hell not saying that games inherently ruin your attention span, but they certainly seem to have ruined mine. Then again I am very obsessive when it comes to games. Is it really just me that is like this, oh please tell me it is not just me?