hex Just now, literally moments ago i found THIS post over at Gamespy that says in short that there are rumours that the upcoming Windows 8 operating system may allow you to run Xbox 360 games on your PC.

OMG! was my first though. I’m no Xbox fan but a sudden increase in the number of games i can play on my PC has to be a great thing to happen right? then i thought about how it would mean i could play Halo with my friends and not have to pay for a console or Live account. then i read the article again. It looks legitimate. there is at least a chance that window 8 will be able to launch 360 games. A few Google searches went by and now i am still convinced that this may be something Microsoft are considering.

For Microsoft it would be a good thing because they would have that foot hold in PC gaming that they have never managed to obtain. with the popularity of the 360 and the lack of interest in GFWL it would really shake up the industry.

However a few things have come to mind for me at least.

1) this is likely to require hardware, specifically a special and probably external DVD drive to launch the hardcoded disks without risking the exposure of the code that protects the 360 from hackers and pirates going onto Live. 

2) Controllers, this will almost definitely be something that is a prerequisite as i can’t see them going back and enabling keyboard and mouse in all the games for the platform.

3) a minimum PC specification. i would say that that Microsoft PC score system that no one cares about will suddenly start to matter if you want to play 360 games.

4) a Live subscription. i can not see Microsoft making the Live network free not even for PC gamers when we will all be using the Live network in the same way.

Now there is the other thing that floated to the surface in my memory: remember the original Xbox (the big black fella) well when that was announced there where talks of the games being PC compatible as both platforms used Direct-X and the X-box was basically a custom build PC. Well, as you probably remember, that never happened. not even a sniff of it happened.

so, i think that there is a change that this is something that’s being seriously considered but at this time its not likely. if it does happen that ‘starter’ kit (the drive you will no doubt need) will probably cost as much as a 360 does on its own so there will be very little point.

So, any thoughts?