fish[2]I love shooters, and as you will have no doubt twigged by now I am a big Battlefield fan, having love the series from early on. Now this year the proper sequel to a game I spent a very significant chunk of time playing, Battlefield 2, is coming out. Now EA seem to be sinking a lot of time, effort and money into making this a spectacular game, and more seemingly more important to them, a direct competitor to Activison’s Modern Warfare 3. They certainly seem to be winning the hearts of a number of gamers, as seen here.

Now from my point of view this should be pretty easy. I don’t like Call of Duty games, they have so far been, expect 1 and 2, at best “popcorn” single player games. What i mean is explosive, fun and instantly forgettable, heh the gaming equivalent of a transformers movie. However my dislike is reserved for the multiplayer, which seems to give significant advantages to people who are already good, and as I am only ok, usually ends up with me dying again and again. However if Bad Company 2, and what I have seen of Battlefield 3 is anything to go by, this is not the case with DICE’s opus.

First multi player glimpses

Anyway I am not here to talk about COD, I am going to explain what I know about BF3 (at the request of Hex). They are a few exciting things that we know so far. The first being that the lead platform for the game is the PC, my platform of choice. This may not sound to exciting, however it is fairly common these days for a game to be developed first for a specific console, then transferred (sometimes not that well) to the pc. The advantage of BF2 being developed primarily for the PC is that the game should look great (well you only have to look at the videos to see that) and the 1controls should be very well optimised for pc player.  Other PC centric bonuses are that there will be dedicated servers, and they will host games of up to 64 player (really rare in console land). Though unfortunately DICE have confirmed there will be no mod tools release, because they would be too “complicated” to use. To be frank I don’t buy this, as the internet is full of very clever people. More likely EA wants to keep control of any new content

There will be 4 multiplayer classes like in bad company, though with tweaked abilities. For instance the assault class now has revive and healing gear and the support class can lay down a bipod for his LMG and actively suppress the enemy. Also there are a few well known maps coming back from previous games, Strike at BF3PhysicalWarfareKarkland being a pre-order bonus remake from Battlefield 2. Speaking of pre orders EA got into some trouble recently, stating some powerful weapons are for pre orders only, which, after a internet uproar, they confirmed would be released to all, at some point after the games release.

The game itself takes place in the middle east in the near future, and they seem to be going for a bit more serious, less bombastic approach to the single player (well when compared to the MW3 trailer), which will be between 6-10 hours (a little vague I know). From what we have seen you play a US soldier in a conflict on the Iran/Iraq border, and we have also seen that the area is tectonically unstable, with at least one earthquake occurring. We also know that there will be some vehicle sections, a tank definitely.


Both the single-player and the multi-player will be wrapped up in the new Frostbite 2 engine. What makes this special, aside from looking lovely, is that they are promising previously unrealised levels of destructibility. Potentially being able to bring down tower blocks and actually destroying cover to get at your enemies.

Well I think I have bored you enough, check out the videos, even if you aren’t into shooters they are still impressive sights