hex Lord of the Rings online is one of my favourite MMO’s of all time. i like how is traditional and well mannered while having a dark undertone and serious story. my love of the game however is not in any way fuelled by a love of the franchise. i love LotRO even though i think the movies are over rated and the books are dated.

So today while at work (stressful day but thanks for asking) I had a moment and for some reason began to mull over the franchises that I do love and wondered why no one has made them into MMO’s or even successful games. As i like to share thoughts and stir ideas i thought i would share my list of potential MMO franchises with you.

Farscape: It ran for four years and had a leviathan of lore spanning the whole galaxy. there where enough races and technologies shown on the show to fuel any RPG or MMO for a good adventure. it got canned as a show when they realised that the story was so incredibly complicated that there was almost no chance of new viewers being picked up. but still, a great and rich lore that’s just sitting there ready to be picked up.

Babylon 5: B5 is something that i have only really got to enjoy recently but its raw and deep, its really strange to me that there was not even a single player game of any note based on it. its got lore coming out of its ears and a strangely quiet but loyal fan base.

Stargate: i know, i really do. it was almost an MMO that was always going to fail but with the right team behind it Stargate could have been a really great MMO.

Transformers: okay, there have been odd little online games and a reasonable full title but wouldn’t a transformers MMO be GREAT! you could design your own robot and explore cybertron in its full glory. it would be just great.


TRON: before the new movie came out, and i mean years before i was the last advocate of the Tron universe. its such a great idea for an MMO and with just oodles of augmented reality potential. then could make the lore semi-real world overlapping claiming that it was ‘real’ and you where using your computer to explore the Grid. it would be really good but with the new movie (that i really love btw) i doubt it will ever happen in the way i visualised it using only the original movies lore/

RPG_abberantd20_coverAberrant: Champions online was based on the Champions pen and paper role play game but what allot of uninitiated gamers don’t know it that Champions was only ever the poor cousin of the Aberrant game. Aberrant was far more politically driven and the lore was much more elegant (granted only my point of view) as super heroes go its my benchmark. I really think that it would have made a better game with less alien invasions and pointless grinding.

The writing of HP Lovecraft: yeah. stop for a moment and think about the potential for the classical horror MMO

Firefly: space cowboys and a great lore! im not sure of there is enough fleshed out information about the universe but it would be great to play in that environment. images(mind you with this site you never know)

Buffy the Vampire slayer: the Buffy franchise is not a popular as it once was and the fans have for the most part moved on to other things but the core interest is there for a great MMO. there was even  a single player tomb raider style game i had on the original xbox that was great fun.  looking at how the TV show ended with so many slayers i think there is much potential for both lols and fighting.

Warehouse 13/Eureka : TV shows that if you have not seen your missing out on. they are little tongue in cheek and seem to be set in the same ‘cannon’ and would make an epic MMO with some real world type environments and some potential for doing just about whatever the writers want to.

as i said that little list is what i came up with over lunch today. notice that there is very little there that’s not Science Fiction. I’m not sure if that is a symptom of the lack of sci-fi games out there or my personal tastes but i would love to see an MMO with any of them.

how about you? what franchise do you want to see as a game?