fish[2]I have recently become a google plus member, thanks to a random invite from a kotaku member. Now I have never had a Facebook account, and indeed never wanted one. Now from what I can gather Plus has a great deal of similarities to Face book, but without a great deal of things that annoy, well me.

It has no grinding games, no massive security holes and the ability too very easily section off various groups of people. So these things are all great and the whole system works as well as you would expect from a google product. However it is still facebook_purposea lot like Face book, a service that I, at best, detest. So why am I finding myself enjoying google plus?

Unfortunately I think I have the answer, and it comes down to elitism. Now the last time I heard Google Plus had 20 million users, which is a hell of a lot for a beta. However this is a drop in the ocean compared to Facebook’s half a billion. Call me an Internet snob but I don’t want to be on a social network where my family and work mates can easily contact me. I like having the Internet as a place where I can talk and share about stuff that enthuses me, games, in an honest way without having to explain either what I am talking about or why. I think that should my sister get a Google Plus account, then I am some how diluting my Internet self by using the Internet to step away from games.

I think this is one of the reasons I have always stuck to twitter, it is very easy to single out the people I want to follow. The last time I saw my sister she mentioned twitter_cartoongetting a twitter account and I was semi-horrified, as I assumed if she did, she would want to follow me. The point I guess I am stumbling around in the dark for, is that we all have these online persona’s. Now I am not saying that the online blogging gaming me is inherently cool, because I know it isn’t, however it is a far true face than the, humm, mask I show people I actually know in the real world (with a few exceptions obviously).

Damn this is a self obsessed and pretentious blog. Just curious if other people try and keep there online and offline lives separate.

NB I really don’t hate my sister that much, heh I seriously doubt she will read this.