fish[2]After my recent post about battlefield 3, it seems as good a time as any to talk about my top 5  multi-player shooters.   These are the games I find myself going back to time and time again. The games that offer the sort of competitive and fun “pvp” that most mmo’s can only dream of. Oh and one thing, I don’t do, and have absolutely no interest in straight boring team death-match. All these games are objective based.

The rest of the list is going to be I’m no particular order, however firmly at number one is Battlefield Bad Company 2. This is at the top because of the battlefield_bad_company_2_pc_30v35_resized_1020_wm_Battlefield_Bad_company_2_funny_pictures-s540x303-80667-580way it actively encourages team-play in a genre that all to often involves a dozen people running around doing their own thing in what is a team in name only. The class structure also means that it is easy to be an important party of the team, even of you couldn’t hit the side of a barn. That aside, the game looks great, has amazing destruction, fantastic sounds (it really does sound like a battlefield) and is still very heavily played well over a year after it launched. Oh it also had an excellent Vietnam expansion.

Second on my list has to be Team Fortress 2, which you can now get for the 1734938558_31f0bf37e2_obargain price of free. More class based play, with 9 different ones to play. Each class plays very differently from each other, to the point that it almost feels like a different game when you swap classes. This is further emphasised by the unlockable (or purchasable) weapons which further add variety. Speaking of variety there are now over 30 maps, half a dozen game modes and a healthy modding community. It even still looks great and will run fine on any PC made in the last 5 years. It is also, in, my experience, the only free to play shooter worth playing.

monday-night-combat-comicSpeaking of Team Fortress 2 brings me to Monday Night Combat,a game I initially disregarded as a TF2 clone. The reason being that like TF2 it has classes, and several of these classes, at a glance at least, seem to have blatantly copied TF2. However MNC stands happily on its own right. Essentially it is a third person shooter mixed with a defence of ancients type game, where you have to help your robots get into the enemies based, whilst preventing their robots from getting into your base. Despite first appearances it is actually a very original shooter, with a great sense of humour and some truly lovely animations. It also has the added advantage of being cheap.

Heading back to something vaguely resembling the real world we have Homefront. Now the reason I like Homefront, is because it is a bit like Modern Warefare, however it fixes a lot of the things I don’t like about MW. In Modern Warefare the players doing well, get further bonuses in the form of killstreaks to ensure that the players not doing so well, continue to fail. Now in Homefront yohomefront_wallpaper_gameu can also buy bonus attacks and vehicles so you can do extra damage, but you buy them with the xp that you have gained during that match. So you might be sitting pretty at the top of the scoreboard and decide to buy a big tank thing for 1600 xp (the bigger/more powerful the item the more xp it costs), someone could spend 250xp  on a rocket launcher and get lucky, blowing you up and next thing you know you are no longer top of the table. The other thing I like is that if a player is on a big killstreak, the player gets bonus xp, but everyone on the opposing side gets a rough location on their minimap and a huge xp bonus for taking the killstreaking player out. So with these little tweaks they have created a game that manages to feel fast paced and exciting, but fair in a way that Modern Warefare has never felt, to me anyway.

The final entry is Killzone 3, the only console shooter (yes I know that the others are all on the consoles, but that’s not what I play them on).  Another class base shooter that borrows heavily from other games like TF2 (such as one class can make himself appear to be on the opposing side) and others. However it is all well implemented into an attractive and fast shooter. The main reason it is on the list is because of its Warfare mode. When you load into a warfare map the game generates 7 games types which last 3 or 4 minutes each, with the winning side being the one that wins the most games, and then it goes onto the next map. These game types can be team deathmatch (the only exception to what I said at the beginning), capture points, destroy/protect an objective or protect/kill a specific player. They say variety is the spice of life, well that’s why I like Killzone 3. I can happily sit in a Killzone match, and as the objectives change it will make me  change my approach and tactics. As much as I love Battlefield it can sometimes get frustrating when there is a constant fight over one point, Killzone’s warfare game type gets around that and provides an great shooter experience.

So there are my top 5, I feel I should give an honorable mention to Counterstrike Source. It is a great, if unforgiving, shooter, that shows you really don’t need things like gadgets and xp if you nail the basics. Now I have command, go out there and shoot each other. None of these games are expensive anymore and not one of them is going to ask you for a monthly subscription of have fun (though be wary of TF2’s hats, it is possible to become obsessed).