hex I have been working with PC’s now for years, pretty much my whole life I have had a PC but today something happened that I have never seen before. A tiny little bug (known to my wife as a ‘thunderbug’, but I’m not sure that’s accurate) has some how found its way through my monitors vents and onto the screen, yes onto the screen. Its some how between the image and the glass (plastic really I suppose) its crawling about and making a menace of its self.

I run my dilemma through Google and it seems to be a common problem about this time of year. The best thing to do is to ignore them as they will eventually bake and die or crawl away and probably die out of your field of vision. 399526793_9d3c9a0fcf

If you leave them and they die in an irritating place they may eventually drop down the screen out of view however if you do squish them with your god like figures you will be well and truly buggered. The explosion of bug inners will glue the little fella to the screen as well as the splat zone covering more of the screen than the uninjured dead bug would.

Not really helpful but in a case of technology Vs nature, technology always looses so there is really no defence against this. Just hope your not unlucky enough to ever see it.

As it happen, as I’ve been writing the little terrorist seams to have vanished.. good news. its either luck, of he has read the post as i have typed and kindly left.

If this has happened to you or you have more information for dealing with this please post here.