hex I love the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World Movie, I love the books too. I am currently reading ‘Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite sadness’ that’s the 3rd book (as shown below, I’m on the left, the book is on the right.)  as i was reading the 8bit ‘vibe’ of the book made me rub my chin in interest, as it did in the movie (i loves me some 8bit) but other than a silly little xbox live arcade game Scott Pilgrim is not a game… why not?

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Imagine setting the game in the strange hyper real but oddly bizarre world that Bryan Lee O’Malley has crafted, and adventure through an oblivion style RPG with the intricate plot of the books, flash backs and all. There is scope for really silly mini-games as well as a solid role play adventure, and its all there in a video game centric way as it is, ready to make. you could even borrow art resources from the books. 

With Hollywood scooping up comic books it strikes me as strange that this great story has not been fed back into a game.

coolslayerwho thought that making a game for every Harry Potter movie was a great idea but not something that actually lends its self stylistically to the genre?

Saying that, if you have not read the books, go get them right now, they are superb and odd.

thoughts and feedback welcome.